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3”I had a bypass done in 1992. My chest pains never went away and I became worse. I used to get tired walking a very short distance and had mild attacks regularly. I used to take 2 to 3 TNT’s at a time to get relief. The doctors that were treating me at the hospital told me that there was nothing more they could do for me. After seven weeks of ECP treatment, I now walk longer distances without getting tired, my health has improved and my medications have been reduced drastically. My sugar levels and blood pressure is now normal. My chest pains have subsided and I can climb a flight of stairs. This new treatment has given me a new lease on my life”.

Mr Rampersadh – Cardiac patient

2“When I started Counterpulsation therapy with Dr Mohanlall, I was hypertensive, my blood pressure was 202/119 and my heart rate was 118. After and during the sessions my heart rate dropped to around 78 to 83 and my blood pressure was 140/80. A month after the treatment and performing the exercises recommended by Dr Mohanlall, my blood pressure was 142/88 and my heart rate was 80. I feel great.”

Mr V.P Naicker Hypertensive patient

“Prior treatment, there was always tiredness. As a diabetic patient, my sugar levels were always high. The ECP treatment has made me more alert and more energetic. My sugar level is now well within control. My insulin intake is now reduced. I just feel healthier.”

Mr S.V Naidoo Diabetic patient

1--Mr-Moodley-2“My house is below road level, and prior to ECP treatment, I could not walk up the 25 stairs to reach the post box without stopping to rest for a while and then going back down the stairs into my house. My sugar levels were high, usually between 14 and 16. I was always tired and felt sleepy. After the ECP treatment, I can walk up the stairs continuously, without stopping to rest at any time. I walk to and from the shopping centre close to my house, whereas I could not before. I have a good appetite. My sugar level is now controlled and does not go over 10. I am now able to go out and enjoy doing more activities, like going to the movies.”

Mr G. Moodley Cardiac patient

soundravalliI had very low functioning kidneys and completed a fistula. I get tired easily and have a heavy chest. I get lower back pains and bruise easily. After ECP I am going to the toilet more often. I have improvement in my skin colour have more energy than usual. I just feel overall positivity. I have a lighter chest and am able to breathe with ease. The positive attitude of the staff contributes to the improvement in patients well being. Great staff with good personality. They were caring, concerned and interacted in ways to make the patient feel welcome and important. I wish the centre was bigger and had more beds so that it can cater for the needs of all of the community. I will recommend ECP to friends and family.

Soundravalli Moodley Renal Patient