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ECP is a non-invasive, non-surgical outpatient treatment for patients suffering primarily from coronary artery disease and heart failure. ECP is supported by modern scientific theory and is performed by computer and digital electronic control. The treatment results in the improvement of in the circulation of blood throughout the body and hence treats ischaemic disorders of the various organs (i.e. organs that do not receive sufficient blood supply, e.g. the heart, brain, kidneys etc). Clinical studies over the past several years have shown that most patients treated with a single course of ECP experience a reduction in angina and are able to return to an active lifestyle.

External Counterpulsation (ECP) is one of those treatments that emerged in the west and was successfully performed in China by Prof Zheng Zhenseng and associates and is now performed at major hospitals in the world. It has taken us 27 years after Professor Zheng had perfected the treatment to bring ECP to South more

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We're one of the most advanced external counterpulsation ECP clinics in the South Africa. ECP has been used to treat chest pain and is an effective method for...........

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We're are located at 15 Gleneagles Drive, Broadway, Durban North. Our offices are situated in a convenient environment and we do our best to ensure you feel at home...........

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