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Other Benefits of ECP   arrow

1.   Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

ECP stimulates the production of endogenous insulin from the pancreas, hence decreasing blood glucose levels. ECP also stimulates the body’s ability to utilize sugar by the increased blood flow, hence increasing the metabolic and cellular rate. Both of these results in better blood glucose control.  Since insulin levels in the body rise, the need for medicated (exogenous) insulin decreases.

2.   Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Many patients who suffer from both cardiac problems and erectile dysfunction cannot take medications for ED and cardiac problems together due to side effects. Hence, problem persists.
ECP increases blood flow not only to the heart but also to the internal iliac artery by 40% (responsible for supply to gonadal region). Therefore ECP treats ED of vascular origin mainly (i e ED due to impediment of blood supply to the penis). Penile perfusion is increased (increased blood supply to the penis). The subsequent effects is improvement in the quality of the erection. A study in Germany showed that men reported a significant improvement in penile rigidity and erectile function after 20 treatments of ECP.

3.   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ECP causes increased blood flow to all tissues resulting in increased oxygen delivery and nutrients. This provides more energy for tissues to function and thus more energy to carry out tasks.

4.   Quick recoveries from sport injuries

Increased blood flow to damaged muscles, tendons or ligaments allows these structures to heal more rapidly than usual. Toxins and waste products are eliminated and oxygen delivery and nutrients supply is at a greater rate, thus improving recovery.

5.   Improvement in sports performance

Increased ability to perform as the increased blood flow increases nutrients and oxygen delivered for muscles to work efficiently. Therefore, muscles work at their optimum level.