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Mielniczuk - EECP in Ischemic Heart

Parker - Angina Pectoris-A Review

Svorkdal - Tx of inoperable CAD

Taguchi - Effects of EECP

Thadani - Current Medical Manage

Werner - Accelerated Reperfusion

Werner - EECP - A new techique

Yang - Current and Future Treatment

Conti - Current Nonpharmacologic

Feldman - Txing HF with EECP

Rajaram - EECP as a Novel Tx for RLS

Shea - An Update on EECP

Tao - EECP Improves Endothelium

Abbottsmith - EECP Improves Exercise

Akhtar - Effect of EECP on Plasma

Bill - EECP and CAD

Cohn - EECP for the Tx of Angina

Feldman - EECP Improves Exercise

Lee - EECP Reduces Lung Heart

Levenson - Cyclic GMP Release

Levenson - Effects of EECP on

Loh - The Immediate and Long-term

McCullough - Impact of Body Mass Index

Nichols - EECP Tx Improves Arterial Wall

Novo - EECP for the Tx of Refractory

Ochoa - Effect of EECP on Resting O2

Pettersson - One Year Follow-up of Pts

Silver - Mechanisms and Evidence for

Soran - A New Treatment Modality in Heart

Soran - Impact of ECP Tx on ER Dept Visits

Soran - Two-Year Clinical Outcomes After

Soran - Tx Options for Refractory Aninga

Wu - Angiogenic Effects of Long-term EECP

Arora - Effects of EECP on Myocardial

Cohen - Portable EECP for ACS and

El-Sakka - EECP in Pts with CAD

Estahbanaty - Echocardiographic

Levenson - Effects of EECP on Cartoid

Manchanda - EECP and Future Directions

McCullough - Residual High-Grade Angina

Sajja - An Analysis of the Efficacy

Werner - Impact of EECP on Peripheral

Holmes - Tx Option for Angina Pectoris

Holubkov - Comparison of Pts Undergoing

Lakshmi - Relation of the Pattern

Lawson - Current Use of EECP and Pt

Fitzgerald - EECP as Initial Revascularization

Kennard - Functional Status Improvedment

Lam - EECP

Sinvhal RM - EECP for Refractory Angina

Bagger - Effect of EECP on Dobutamine



Hod - Study

J1999 - Lang - EECP Therapy Continues

J2002 - Michaels - Left Ventricular Systolic

J2003 - Tartaglia - Exercise Capability

J2004 - Brosche - EECP

Lawson - Three-year Sustained Benefit

Lawson - Can Angiographic Findings Predict

Lawson - Improved Exercise Tolerance

Lawson - EECP as an Adjunct to Revascula

Lawson - EECP-U.S. Clinical Research

Lawson - Prior Revascularization Increase

Lawson - EECP for Myocardial Ischemia

Lawson - Long-term Prognosis of Pts

Lawson - Tx Benefit in the EECP Consortium

Lawson - Benefit and Safety of EECP

Lawson - Predictors of Adverse Outcomes

Lawson - Current Use of EECP  

Lawson - Effectiveness of EECP in Pts

Lawson - Analysis of Baseline Factors

Lawson - Angina Pts with Diastolic

Lawson - Predictors of Benefit in Angina

Lawson - Effectiveness of Repeat EECP

Lawson-Effects of EECP on Medically

Michaels - Frequency of Repeat EECP

Michaels - The Effects of EECP

Michaels - 2 Year Outcomes After EECP

Michaels - Primer-Practical Approach

Michaels - LV energetic

Michaels- EECP on HRV J Elecrocardiolo

Arora - EECP Improves Systolic Function

Arora - Effects of EECP on Vascular Cel

Arora - EECP-A New Tx Modality

Cohn - Role of EECP in Angina Tx

Cohn - EECP-A New Therapeutic

Cohn - Emerging Tx for Refractory

Fricchione - Psychosocial Effects

Stys - Acute Hemodynamic Effects

Stys - Safety and Effectiveness

Stys Effects of EECP on Stress

Soran - EECP in the Mgmt of Pts

Soran - EECP as TX for Chronic Angina

Soran - EECP in Pts with HF-A Multicenter

Barsness - EECP in Unrevascularizable

Barsness - The IEPR-Design, Methods,

Bonetti - EECP Improves Endothelial

Bonetti - EECP for Ischemic Heart Disease

Bonetti - Successful Tx of Symptomatic

Linnemeier - EECP a Therapeutic Option

Linnemeier - EECP for Diabetes - Safety,

Linnemeier - EECP for the Relief of Angina

Linnemeier - EECP in the Mgmt of Angina

Werner - Changes of Cerebral Blood Flow

Werner - Practicability and Limitations

Sjukri - EECP in the Tx and Rehab of Coronary

Amsterdam - EECP- Chronicle of a New Approach

Burger - New Therapy Provides Non-Invasive

Soroff - Historical Review of the Development

Strobeck - The Emerging Role of EECP

Tartaglia - Case Studies-EECP

Chou - EECP

Froschermaier - EECP as a New Tx Modality

Suresh - Maximizing the Hemodynamic Benefit

Arora - MUST-EECP Effect of EECP

Caldwell - EECP

Gloth - EECP-The Howard County Experience

Huang - ECP Increases Capillary Density During

Masdua - Improvement of Regional Myocardial

Thadani - Treatment for Stable Angina

Werner - Pneumatic ECP- A New Noinvasive

Fujita - Heparin and Angiogenic Therapy

Singh - Noninvasive Revascularization

Taguchi - Comparison of Hemodynamic

Holubkov - A Report from the IEPR

Lu - Effects of Enhanced External